The Brand

We bring people and pets together.

Purpose / Mission / Vision

Our purpose is to get more pets out of shelters and into homes.

Our mission is to inspire more people to get excited and to feel passionate about helping homeless pets.

Our vision is to eliminate the death sentence that is associated with the animal shelter experience.

Our Actions

No-Kill United raises awareness through street art guerrilla campaigns.

You Can Help

STICK(er) up for animals.

Help us inspire more people to get out to their local shelter.

Together, we make life better.


Who was Dexter Cat?

Dexter was a cat.

Dexter was born on the streets of New York.

Dexter was adopted from a no-kill animal shelter.

Dexter loved cheese and potato chips.

Dexter didn't skate.

Dexter had Cerebellar hypoplasia.

Dexter was awesome.


Not a Death Sentence

Cerebellar hypoplasia is a condition where part of the cerebellum is not completely developed. It is not progressive, and is not a directly painful condition. Symptoms maybe include: Head bobbing (Dexter displayed this a lot as a kitten, and currently whenever he gets excited), limb tremors, unsteadiness or clumsiness, as well as the inability to judge distance. These symptoms may improve slightly as the affected animal figures out ways to compensate for their condition.

For more information, visit: Cerebellar Hypoplasia in Cats


The Latest by Dexter Cat



Anthony Trott is an American Artist and Animal Shelter Volunteer.

Anthony works predominantly in acrylics, charcoals, and graphite. His artwork contains elements meant to promote social awareness and global consciousness. Animal rights and welfare, psychological struggles, and religion are reoccurring themes.

An animal activist and vegetarian, Anthony donates painted canvases and murals to animal shelters to help raise awareness and funds. His volunteer goals focus mainly on enhancing the quality of life for cats, dogs, goats, and horses through grooming, playtime, and socialization.

Having an interest in street art, Anthony Trott leaves paintings throughout the city for people to find and take if they so desire.

Anthony continues to refine his artwork with new designs to help raise awareness for important animal causes.


The Face of No-Kill United

You may recognize our logo, but you might not recognize the face. That face was my dog, Egypt. Egypt was an older Great Dane (about 11 years old at the time of the photo) and she was AWESOME! Happy, fun, and full of energy, she could easily keep up with the much younger pups at the dog park. And she was a sight to see. Fast. Playful. Full of life!

I found Egypt through a coworker of a neighbor. And although I didn't find her at the shelter, she was easily headed down that path, just like many others.

So many pets end up at local animal shelters for one reason or another. And many of them never get a second chance to find a new and loving home. That's where YOU make the difference! Even if you can't adopt, you can still be that rock star moment in someone's day. Get out to your local shelter. Volunteer. Walk a dog. Pet a cat. Feed a goat? Be that moment.