A Note from Anthony

Use common sense and consideration when taking it to the streets.

We're here to help animals, not to piss off the public.

Think to yourself "Does this help the greater good, or is this just a jerk move?"

Society at large has been brainwashed not only into accepting billboards, advertisements, and someone else's idea of how we should see the world, but they also go so far as to love and defend it. All around us, on television, through the internet, on billboards, radio adverstisements, posters, and signs, someone else's idea of what we should think and how we should feel is being filtered into our minds and influencing our thoughts. We're here to cut into that information stream and to remind people there are lives out there that really need our help.

I can't even count how many times I've heard someone say "I know I should adopt, but I just can't go to one of those shelters. It's too sad." If they won't go to the shelters, then what do we do? We take the shelters to them. To the streets.

Our purpose is to get more pets out of shelters and into homes.

STICK(er) up for shelter animals.

Help us inspire more people to get out to their local shelter.

Together, we make life better.

- Anthony